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This is a free utility that sync's MS Outlook's calendar (up to version 2010) with a Google account calendar. It is small and simple, and if you have an Android smartphone then it's ideal, as the phones calendar will auto-sync with the Google calendar

  • It's free, and small, and it works.
  • You can elect to synch two ways, or either to/from Outlook alone.
  • You must have Outlook closed - which is a pain. If the sync happens (you schedule how often) with Outlook open, it will crash Outlook. If, like me, you have multiple Outlook profiles and password, you will be prompted for the profile name and the password - so you need to be on the PC with Outlook closed when it kicks in. Solution? - set the sync interval to 9999 hours and sync manually by a right-click on the taskbar icon.
  • I wish it would also do tasks

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02 Feb 2012

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